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Hotel Introduction

"Fairy Aquarium"planning a different theme rooms, comfortable rooms equipment, a large Jacuzzi, giving you high quality vacation space, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely holiday, the night can be even close to the southern coast of night markets, delicious The snacks, or challenge a child the night market will be happy to play games. "Fairy Aquarium"invite all of them enjoying a happy holiday for each.

Hotel Address:Hualien City Jinghua Street, Alley 2, Lane 4, No. 1

Room Introduction

The end of 2009 ~ Fairy Dream Motel Series again launched the "fairy tale Aquarium"fairy tale series of aquariums and a total of 14 sea view suites the theme of the theme in each room family suite has a different dream elegant style and overlooking the North shore of the chamber can be marine parks Some of the topics and the dawn of the bridge outside the original courtyard house is the use of light to the dawn of your Rewards ~ ~ Night of Stars Awards immersed in an atmosphere of romance朗读显示对应的拉丁字符的拼音字典

Leisure Facilities

Peripheral Scenes

U.S. Lun Lun Mountain Park Mountain Park United States, the park has a children's play area, children's play area behind the mountain trail up to the entrance, you can walk along, Hill Road about 800 meters along the path over the raw phase Silin, it is refreshing. Hualien, Hualien Harbor whale watching is a lot of beautiful tourist whale-watching destination, not only to appreciate the beauty of the Eastern Shore, but also because of the Kuroshio is located in the Pacific Ocean location, so there are many migratory fish and the habitat of whales and dolphins form one If you whale watching season in the summer season to visit Hualien, do not forget to also whale watching trip times memories Oh. Qixingtan bicycle trail located in the Hualien Airport, Hualien Qixingtan east coast, although the name Seven Star Lake, but in fact it is a sandy beach of the Gulf Bay Tsukigata. Qixingtan more than 20 kilometers of coastline, now designated as the Seven Star Lake Scenic Area, and has a reward star plaza, viewing deck, view of self and the roadway on floor and many other facilities for tourists


The direction of Taipei to Hualien: Hualien, Taipei, Taiwan, United States Road, turn left nine provincial Courtesy Road, turn left essence Street Fairy Motel - Aquarium direction of Taitung to Hualien: Hualien, Taitung, Taiwan Provincial Chung Cheng Road, turn right nine Courtesy essence of Street Road, turn left Fairy Motel - Aquarium